On this site you will find virtual performances of Kaikhosru Sorabji’s Orchestral works particularly the recently completed performance of the ‘Symphony Jāmī‘ and the recently started (Jan 22) performance of the ‘Messa Alta Sinfonica’ the progress of which I will be charting in the Messa Alta Sinfonica blog. Each has a dedicated page with performance videos and files, details about the work and how the performances were created.

In addition, there are virtual performances of excerpts from other Sorabji works for piano and organ, and pages devoted to Derek Bourgeois, tuba ensemble arrangements (some of which have been actually performed by me!) and a vanity page for my own compositions.

Latest posts

I’m now into the real meat of creating this performance. With almost all the major technical issues out of the way I can concentrate on the fun part of musical interpretation.” – read more

The opening of the MAS is thrilling and I’ve worked up three versions as I’ve wrestled with balance.” – read more

MAS has eight vocal soloists SSAATTBB and fortunately VSL have recorded seven soloists;…” – read more

The first thing I wanted to do was set up the double chorus.” – read more

Joy of Joys, François had the files and they were in a compatible version of Sibelius, two huge barriers gone. I was able therefore, to really investigate what the work was about and the performance possibilities.” – read more

My performances are driven by the Sibelius file of the typeset score. It took me four and a half years to typeset the Jāmī score. Fortunately, the score of MAS had already been typeset by François Fabre.…” – read more

A new journey begins here. I was surprised how quickly after completing the Jāmī performance I would get the Messa Alta Sinfonica itch.” – read more

Latest News

13/5/22 – Hiatus longer than expected, various things get in the way but I am still working on the performance and have completed 13 minutes of the the ‘Kyrie’. I retire in two months and there’s quite a bit to organise for that so progress may not speed up until after then. But as I’ve always said, if your into Sorabji your in for the long haul.

30/3/22 – Slight hiatus, glorious spring weather has distracted me and I’ve got lots to do in the garden including building a new shed. Also week away in Snowdonia. So that’s gonna put me back a few weeks but I’ll soon be back onto it.

11/3/22 – With video 6 I am well into the meat of creating this performance and hope to complete the first section of the Kyrie (at 24 minutes) by Easter. the typesetting of Brian’s Turandot also goes on apace and Have reached page 30 of the 422 page score.

5/2/22 – Havergal Brian news – I have just agreed to start typesetting HB’s opera ‘Turandot‘ with a view to possible performance and recording in 2025/26. I have just received the MS, 429 pages. HB’s scores are much easier to read than Sorabji’s but they are much, much more detailed. I may have to start a blog about progress which will be alongside creating the performance of the ‘Missa Alta Sinfonica‘. Fun times ahead.

Latest Videos

Video 6: Kyrie opening to page 21
Video 3: Kyrie opening chorus & organ
Video 4: Kyrie opening orchestra only
Complete Symphony
Nutcracker Suite complete for tuba ensemble
My Symphony for Brass Band 4th Mvt. Toccata